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Is Hailey Bieber’s Style Plus-Size Friendly? I Dressed Up Like Her for a Week to Find Out

Spoiler alert: it was NOT easy.

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CTRL+C is a bimonthly style series in which editorial assistant Aiyana Ishmael tests the styles of the internet's most talked about celebrities, dissecting their most buzz-worthy looks to see if they could be easily recreated on a plus-size body.

These days, it feels like Hailey Bieber is always on our timelines, and therefore, so are her outfits. The former model, now notable influencer, and premier "nepo baby" always has the internet talking — whether it is about her marrying our childhood crush, launching a beauty brand, or her endless pilates trips with celebrity best friends. However, I often find continued discussions about Hailey's style on my timeline. 

"Even beyond Rhode, my mission statement for my style and aesthetic in general is 'less is more,'" Hailey told Vogue Australia in a recent cover story where she was interviewed by her husband, Justin Bieber. This "less is more" ethos might ring truer than Hailey realizes. Many people feel like they've never really learned much about who Hailey really is, so her style also feels partly disconnected as a result. Others think her sartorial choices are regal and simplistic in the best way and consider her a prime style inspiration. I would personally describe Hailey's style as straightforward with a "girl next door" appeal. She's not a risk-taker, so you'd think it would be relatively easy to recreate her looks, especially compared to our first CTRL+C subject Bella Hadid, but I was again proven wrong thanks to relatively slim plus-size pickings. 

While hunting for pieces in my size to replicate Hailey's looks, I came across an overpowering amount of fast fashion. Only options from the likes of SHEIN and Fashion Nova popped up when searching for something as simple as "plus size pleated skirts." It took me scrolling through a page or two of each piece to find an item not from one of those staple fast fashion brands. 

Inexpensive pricing and easily accessible options have made fast fashion brands a go-to for Gen Z. I saw firsthand how easy and convincing it is to just go for these brands while shopping for this story. It's almost impossible to escape them since they usually pop up first in the search when looking for anything "plus-size." I wanted to see if it was the case when removing the term, so I searched for the exact same "pleated skirt" without the plus-size label and received an extensive range of brands to choose from, none of the top choices being from the aforementioned brands.

Plus-size options are stark, and it's obvious why many people lean on the only brands that seem to cater to them. That's where CTRL+C steps in. We hope this series can serve as a small exploration of inclusive brands offering the trending styles many plus-size shoppers are looking for and struggling to find. A place to find, shop, and see the styles you've always wanted to try but were too scared to because they weren't shown on your body type.

The internet is always ablaze talking about how thin women dress, with many claiming that most of the looks models and celebrities wear only work because they're usually thin. After the first installment of this series came out, the many haters confronting me on social media, saying that Bella Hadid's style is desirable only because she's thin, proved that, sadly, people's mindsets are still limited. That's why I've decided to put the theory to the test again by dressing up like Hailey Bieber for a week to prove that clothes are to be worn by whoever puts them on. A body cannot make or break an outfit, or at least it shouldn't. The person makes the outfit, and I wholeheartedly stand by that.

For a week, I tried to recreate a few of my favorite Hailey Bieber looks as closely as I could as a plus-size woman. There were some failures, but it was incredibly fun, so I'd say it was a definite success. Whether you are looking for inspo or simply here for the rise, here are some plus-size-approved options if you are looking to channel your inner Hailey Biebs soon.

Look 1: A Monochromatic Moment


This first look from Hailey was a staple to me. When I think of her style, pieces like basics and blazers immediately come to mind. She loves a good blazer moment, but this bright mustard outfit breathes life into her usual world of neutrals. Hailey's suit is by beloved Copenhagen-based brand Stand Studio. This look was somewhat challenging to source initially because Hailey's two-piece suit is made of leather, which was impossible to find in my size. 

After a few days of searching for similar options, I opted for this Fashion to Figure set because it was the closest I'd found in shape and color. Hailey's hat is a faux fur option also from Stand Studio. This alternative was truthfully a great find from Amazon, and I was legitimately shocked when it fit my head. (TMI: I rarely wear hats due to my noggin's large circumference!). I also added my go-to brown Coach purse to finish the look, as Hailey is a big bag girl. Accessories can indeed break or make a look.

Zoe Asymmetrical Split Back Blazer - Gabi Fresh X FTF

Zoe Flare Leg Suit Pants - Gabi Fresh X FTF

La Carrie Snakeskin Print Faux Fur Bucket Hat

Ruby Satchel 25 In Signature Textile Jacquard

Look 2: Lavender Lady


I was most excited to recreate this look, but unfortunately, I feel like I fell short. Hailey is wearing a knit top from Raf Simons and a darker lavender-toned skirt from The Attico. The first problem I encountered was not having a $3300 purple Bottega clutch readily available. Jokes aside, finding a skirt similar to the one Hailey was wearing took a lot of work. I could only find very few dark lavender skirts with a slit, none in larger sizes, which was incredibly frustrating since I enjoy getting as close as possible to the real thing. 

After hours of scrolling endlessly through the Google search engine (okay, maybe it was only thirty minutes), getting only a myriad of cheerleader pleated skirts when all I wanted was a straight-cut skirt with a slit shook me to my core. Alas, I had to go with a skirt that matched my knitted top from Eloquii. For footwear, I swapped Hailey's Chanel patent leather loafers with a more affordable pair from Steve Madden.

Sweater Mini Skirt with Pockets

Steve Madden Makira Loafer

Ruby Satchel 25 In Signature Textile Jacquard

Look 3: Pilates Princess


Hailey is always seen leaving a workout class, so it felt right to pick one of my favorite workout looks from her. Hailey is an Alo Yoga girl through and through, but the brand does not carry my size. I usually am an adidas workout girl myself when going to pilates, but I've been slowly venturing into the infamous world of Lululemon to see what the girls from my high school theatre program have been talking about all these years. This is now the second set of Lululemon gear I've worn that I liked, which is wildly surprising. To add the final touch, I also tied a Lululemon jacket around my waist.

Now, while I did, in fact, wear this to the office (luckily on a day when only a few people were in), I suggest avoiding a 'fit like this at your place of employment. If you're like me, perhaps this will only make sense to wear to New York Pilates or the Rumble down the street from my office. I paired the set with a Good American button-up, some adidas sneakers to replace Hailey's trusty Nike AF1s, and a pair of comfy white socks.

Flow Y Nulu Bra Light Support

lululemon Align™ High-Rise Short 6"

Look 4: Margot Tenenbaum Chic


This by far is one of my favorite looks from Hailey. It might be recent, but it is already a staple Hailey Bieber moment. Everything about this look, put together by celebrity stylist Dani Michelle, reads like a revamped version of her style. It was the outfit Hailey wore when she debuted her Margot Tenenbaum-inspired bob, so it did feel like a reintroduction of sorts. However, after walking around the office, many of my coworkers and colleagues agreed that this look is, in fact, my look. So sorry, Hailey, but I might need to claim this as my own.

Shopping-wise, this 'fit got me spiraling quickly. It reminded me of how maternal plus-size clothes like to be. When attempting to find something short and skimpy like Hailey's, I could only see pieces in my size that wouldn't break my high school's dress code. Everyone deserves to wear micro skirts. Give fat girls mini skirts! The endless shopping scrolls for this story humbled me constantly. Styles should come in all sizes. Plus-size people shouldn't have to work double time to feel like we're in our 20s just because we wear a size 20. 

Look 5: Not-so-Nepo Baby in the Wild


This look had the internet in a tizzy for about three days. Hailey Bieber is one of the prime nepo babies in the game, so this simple t-shirt and jeans moment was too good not to recreate. (Though, of course, I had to add my own touch, too!).

Past the gimmick factor, this look is another staple when I think of Hailey's style. The jeans and a t-shirt combo is a by-the-book, model-off-duty look. As a plus-size Miamian, I've rarely worn jeans in my life. (Of course, I'm mentally excluding the weird skinny jean and jean-leggings era! We are talking about true denim only.) That said, now that I'm older and finding a lot more options easily available, I wear jeans often. These light-wash ones from Good American truly get worn twice a week in varying outfits. They also work perfectly with my slightly cropped, DIY-ed  "nepo baby" t-shirt from Amazon.

Look 6: Tough as Leather


Our last look of the week was another fave for me. Although I was sad that I couldn't find an exact match for the trench coat, I was pleased by this pleather one from Good American. I again went with my good ol' reliable pair of jeans and a Good American corset top. (Please do not ask me how long it took me to put on this corset by myself because I will have war flashbacks.) The hunt for a good corset top in my size was quite difficult. Google is not the best place to start when looking for pieces like this one. I got much further when I typed in a specific brand and added whatever item I wanted, which also led me to find some brands I didn't know about.

This look is something I would often wear because it has a balance of everything I like. I enjoy skimpier outfits, mostly because I enjoy rebelling against the clothes we're told plus-size people should wear. I also rarely wear coats, but now living in the Northeast, I want to explore more of them. I also cannot turn down a chance to wear comfy, baggy denim jeans. This look might be a bit flashy for a regular workday, but it is the perfect post-work outfit, no matter where you're headed.

Overall, I think Hailey does "simple" very well, making it hard to say her outfits are bad. Do they lack some of the defining personality touches that other celebs might flaunt? I'd have to agree. But is her love for basics any more accessible to shop as a plus-size person? Absolutely not.