The New iPhone 14 Colorway Is the Latest ‘It Accessory Ahead of Spring

The New iPhone 14 Colorway Is the Latest ‘It’ Accessory Ahead of Spring

What rhymes with yellow?

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What's always on your mind, perfect in every way, and yellow all over? Your iPhone. It's true. It's been an entire decade since Apple offered such a thing. And even then, the previous yellow iPhone's were only half the phone the iPhone 14 is. The hue of this upgrade makes it stand out from your typical pasty yellow. The iPhone 14's fresh take on yellow is a soft and inviting sort of powdered pigment. The best thing about this launch is how unexpected it is. 

The iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Plus feature an advanced 12MP dual-camera system for professional shots. The Ultra Wide and TrueDepth cameras also capture unique perspectives and automatically focus on multiple subjects for sharper close-ups. Not to mention, the iPhone 14 Plus holds the longest battery life of any iPhone ever and both have groundbreaking safety capabilities, including Emergency SOS via satellite and Car Crash Detection. iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Plus are currently available in midnight, blue, starlight, purple, and (PRODUCT)RED and will be available in yellow in 128GB, 256GB, and 512GB storage capacities, starting at $799 (US) and $899 (US), respectively. Available for pre-order on Friday, March 10, with availability beginning Tuesday, March 14.

Just when you thought Apple couldn't do anything else to reassure us that they are indeed the superior tech accessory - here comes a new reason to obsess. And considering it won't be leaving your side anytime soon, it's important to find ways to incorporate yellow into our everyday looks. But don't worry - we've done the work for you. Fun shapes and complimentary colors contrast perfectly with your new accessory to carry you through the spring. You'll be sure to turn heads and sprinkle a bit of inspiration amongst — well, you know, the people with iPhones that aren't yellow. Can't relate (haha). 

With your new phone, the upgraded features are sure to breed countless selfies, videos, and all sorts of content curation. For top-quality content, your glam must be intact. Below is a beauty duo to protect you from the elements and a phone case to protect your precious cargo. 

Gucci Hydrating Lip Balm

iPhone 14 Canary Yellow Silicone Case

Rare Beauty Liquid Luminizer Highlight

March marks the beginning of prepping for Spring. It's when winter boots are paired with mini skirts, and peep-toe heels are brought out of retirement with a good sock. In middle school, I was convinced a sock with a heel would kill me. But I still took the risk, and guess what — I didn't die. I actually kickstarted the trend at my school. How lovely is it that, to this day, a heel and a sock still breed the same creativity? Maybe even these striped mohair socks for texture and pattern play. 

Sinead Woven Trapeze Heel Buckled Sandals

MARNI Off-White Stripe Socks

Bling is necessary to top any and every look off. But while everyone else is busy choosing between silver or gold, let's mix it up this spring. Silver, yellow, purple, gold, acrylic, and pearls — everything, everywhere, all at once! Whether texting down the street or posing in the mirror for selfies, holding your iPhone is way more chic with arm candy. 

Trippy Flower Ring

Little Bow-Peep Bloom Necklace

Rich Beach Rings

It's no secret that your bag plays a significant part in completing your outfit. Much like our sock, peep toe moment, consider a silk scarf to bring dimension to the bag. Wrap it around the handle, tie it to the corner of the strap, or stuff it inside for a spilling-from-the-bag look. A peep of yellow is ideal for a sweet nod to your phone. 

Round Quilted Top Handle Bag

1980s Vintage Handpainted Abstract Silk Scarf

Photographer: Louisiana Mei Gelpi
Photo Assistant/Designer: Liz Coulbourn

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