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NewJeans Play "I Dare You"

K-pop girl group NewJeans play a game of "I Dare You" with their bandmates. Minji, Hanni, Danielle, Haerin and Hyein take turns choosing either a "truth" or "dare." NewJeans' first single album "OMG" is available now.

Released on 02/02/2023


Ready Go.

Everyone find an item.

[Hyein] I want the hat.

[carrot squeaks] [all scream]

Whoa. What just happened?

What is this?

[toy squeaking] [Danielle speaking in Korean]

[All] Hello, we're NewJeans.

And today we are here with Teen Vogue

to play I Dare You.

[funky music plays]

[NewJeans speaking in Korean]

Oh. Oh.

[NewJeans speaking in Korean]


I'm gonna choose dare.

Whoa. Whoa.

Daring girl.

I just got hot sauce.

[Hyein speaking in Korean]

Have a staring contest with the person next to you,

loser has to take a shot of hot sauce.

Oh, snap. Me?

[Hanni] Yes. 3, 2, 1.

[Dani] Go. [suspenseful music]

[Haerin giggles]

[Danielle speaking in Korean]

[Hanni speaking in Korean]

I'm done in a few seconds. [Danielle speaking in Korean]

I'm crying now.

My eyes.

Wait, my tear

are gonna drop soon. [Danielle speaking in Korean]

Soon. It's like a romance movie.

[Minji] No, it's not. It's so romantic.

[Hyein speaking in Korean] [Haerin speaking in Korean]

[Danielle speaking in Korean] [Haerin speaking in Korean]

Let's try it.

[Hanni] How about have a taste?

You never know, it might taste really nice.

You never know, you might-


Wait, wait, wait.

[Haerin speaking in Korean] [Hanni speaking in Korean]

Do I have to like? [tongue clicks]

Yeah. Like.

[tongue clicks]

[Danielle speaking in Korean]

I can't.

I just can't.

[NewJeans counting in Korean]

[Haerin laughs] [Hanni chuckles]

Dare. Haerin, dare.


Everyone's so daring, gosh.

[Hanni] I think it will take the hot sauce-

Oh my god.

[Haerin speaking in Korean]

Okay. Okay.

[Hanni speaking in Korean]

You have to do it standing up, right?

Of course.

[Haerin speaking in Korean]

Yeah, you have to do it.

Ah. Ready, go.

All right. Wait, wait.

Everyone find an item. I want the-

You ready? [Hyein speaking in Korean]

[Minji speaking in Korean]

I'll do shoulder.

[Hanni] My earring. Everyone, my earring.

[Hyein] Okay. 1, 2, 3.

[Hyein speaking in Korean]

[Danielle singing in Korean]

I feel like this is kinda boring.

Where do I wanna put?

I wanna put it right in front of you.

Hands. Right in front of you.

[Dani] Where else do we need?

[Hanni speaking in Korean]

[Danielle speaking in Korean]

Whoa, you're good at it.

All right. Well, how long do we have to count?

10 seconds?

[All] 10, 9, 8, 7, 6.

5, 4, 3. 5, 4, 3, 2, 1.

You did great. [Haerin speaking in Korean]

[NewJeans speaking in Korean]

[toy squeaks] [all scream]

I like this game.

[Dani] I like this game. This is fun.

[Hyein] Your turn. Your turn.

Is it my turn? Yeah.

Everyone's doing dare, so I feel like I have to do it too.

[Minji] Dare.

There you go.

[Hanni speaking in Korean]

[Dani] You're opening it so dramatic-

Give your best impression of the person

to the right of you.

Who, oh, that's me.

That's me.

Wait, I can do this really well.

I'm doing it to her.

Oh, so you're pretending you're me to her.

Yeah, yeah, yeah.

[Hanni gasps] [Haerin speaking in Korean]

[Hyein] Dan-eonnie. [Hanni speaking in Korean]

Oh my gosh, I love you, girl.

[Minji] Headache. Good? Yes.

[Danielle speaking in Korean]

[Hanni] On point. Yeah.

[Hyein gasps] We know each other too well.

I don't wanna go with truth though,

'cause everyone's on a dare roll.

[Hanni speaking in Korean] I'm gonna go with dare.

What's the most embarrassing thing

that's ever happened to you?

We'll pass you the hot sauce mic.

When I was like really young, when I was in preschool?

[Minji] Preschool? Yeah, preschool. Primary?

No, preschool.

Oh, kindergarten. Yeah, kindergarten.


Kindergarten. there there was an assembly

where all of the children were like all together.

And I have this thing where I just,

I just wanna put my hand up for every question.

One of the children, I don't know who,

it was a very naughty boy,

drew all over another friend's lunchbox.

[Hanni and Minji gasp]

So at the assembly [carrot squeaks]

they asked, Oh, who drew this?

[Hanni] And then? Then I put my hand up

[everyone laughs]

because I actually didn't hear the question.

You just feel like putting your hand up.

Me. I just felt

like putting my hand up.

So I'm like, Me. Me.

It was me. Me.

But it, it was, yeah, so I got in trouble.

[Haerin speaking in Korean] That's embarrassing.

Trouble, trouble. Did you explain to them

you weren't the one that drew on the lunchbox?

No, because I was, I was so little.

And afterwards, I was just so scared

'cause I was getting in trouble in front of ev,

'cause it was an assembly in front of all the children.

I just sulked and then later on went home and cried.

Can you imagine baby Dani?

Me. But it was

very embarrassing.

Yeah, I like the story.

[Hyein speaking in Korean]

[Danielle speaking in Korean]

Oh, yes.

[Dani] You read a book?

No, I read a letter from Dani-eonnie.

Ah, ah. Ah.

[Hyein] When we were doing radio. Yes.

[Hyein speaking in Korean]

Dare again. [Hanni chuckles]

I think we just like this. Yes.

Switch your clothing item with someone in the group.

[Hanni] Switch clothing item.

Whoa. So what do you wanna try?

[Hyein] I wanna change my ring. With?

[Dani] With this ring? My ring.

It looks exactly same,

[Dani] but it's the same ring. It's the same ring.

The size, the size is [speaks in Korean].

Thank you. I got Hanni's ring.

I thought that was an accessory though.

Okay, let's not get technical.

[Haerin speaking in Korean]

Expecto patronum. Wingardium leviosa.

[Haerin speaking in Korean]

[Hanni speaking in Korean]

[Danielle speaking in Korean]

[Hyein] Stupefy. Expecto patronum.

Expecto, expecto patronum.

[Hyein speaking in Korean] And all the dementors

are dead. Okay, okay.

Expecto patronum.

Expecto patronum. Patronum.

Expecto patronum. Expecto patronum.

[Hanni giggles]

[Minji speaking in Korean]

Okay. It was cute.

What should I do? What shall I get?

Truth. Truth.


Your truth.

The truth, let's see. What's my truth?

What will my truth be?

What's your worst habit?

[Hanni speaking in Korean]

I think my worst habit is that

like when I try to hold in my laugh,

but then it comes like [snorts].

It comes like this. She can't stop.

Yeah. It like, like it's stuck in my throat,

and it's not a pretty sound.

That must be annoying.

I used to deliberately hold in my laugh.

[Dani] So it became a habit?

But it's becoming a habit.

Oh, no. Oh my, oh my gosh.

Wait, this is a great time. ♪ Oh my, oh my God ♪

Oh, to learn about myself.


[Dani speaking in Korean]

Dare. I'm a daring girl.

D-D Dare Dani. D D,

D for dare D for Dare.

She's like promoting herself.

Oh, oh.

I was hoping Haerinni would get this.

It's teach the whole group your favorite dance move.

Because Haerinni had a perfect dance move to teach us.

I don't know if I can do it with these shoes.

[Minji] Just change it. Should I try anyway?

[Danielle counting in Korean]

Whoa. Whoa.

[Minji] That's really cute. Okay. Now, you guys need

to follow. What?

And then,

Why is there face? and then you take

a leap of happiness, Dani happy feet.

and then you clap your feet together

as if your feet are just as happy.

Okay, are you ready?

1, 2, 3.

[everyone gasps]


[Minji] Wait, is this right? I don't know.

I feel like it's really weird.

Good enough, good enough.

Good enough, let's go. She said it's good enough.

Our teacher says it's good enough.

[Minji] Good enough. It's my turn.

[Haerin] A plus everybody. Wow.


Dare, dare.

You just take two there. There is dare.

There is dare.

[Hyein speaking in Korean]

[Danielle gasps]

This sounds fun. [carrot squeaks]

Okay, let's go.

All right, we'll count for you.

Apple pie.

[Dani] Oh.

Oh, you like apple pie.



Wait, isn't that Italian?

Chocolate cake.

Oh, mac and cheese.

Mac and cheese.

[Hanni] Yeah. Pasta.

[Minji] Pasta. Yum.

What else is there?

[Hyein speaking in Korean] [Hanni speaking in Korean]

Okay. Texas barbecue.

[Dani] Yeah.


Ooh. Ooh.


Steak, steak, steak. Steak is good.

[Danielle speaking in Korean]

Hey, how about like the, bagel sandwich.

Cream cheese bagel.

She likes [speaks in Korean].

How many do we? Three left.

We got seven.

Blueberry cream cheesecake.

Ooh. Ooh.

Blueberry cream cheesecake. [Danielle speaking in Korean]

Buffalo chicken wings. Yeah.

You didn't do burger.

Oh, hamburger.

Yeah. [Hyein speaking in Korean]

There we go, 10.

So much fun today.

Thanks for having us Teen Vogue.

[All] Bye. [upbeat music]

Starring: New Jeans

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