Up & Coming Celebrities of 2023: New Hollywood Actors, Influencers, & More

Introducing… the dazzling stars of Teen Vogue's New Hollywood.

The young celebrities in Teen Vogue’s New Hollywood Class of 2023 know plenty about performing for stage and screen. But these up-and-coming stars also have a keen awareness of the performance that is inherent in being a woman, moving through the world as a player on a broader stage.

Through their work in film and television, these nine women — Dominique Thorne, Myha’la Herrold, Park Ji-hu, Yasmin Finney, Isabela Merced, Keyla Monterroso Mejia, Ruth Codd, Amber Midthunder, and Amrit Kaur — are challenging perceptions of identity, of womanhood, and of themselves in the public eye. They’re concerned with building persona and staying true to who they are. They’re also focused on craft, on committing themselves to art in a vulnerable, exciting way. They seek to push back on the limitations society puts on their lives and the expectations for how they show up in the world. They are much more than the sum of their many projects, but work is another avenue for them to explore who they are and who they want to be. 

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Take Yasmin Finney, who last year became an instant star on Netflix’s Heartstopper, but also stresses about meeting men on dating apps — and has valid criticism for the boundaries of representation in culture while trans rights are under attack. Still, her transness informs the way she carries herself, how she sees herself as someone who can change the world. As writer Lexi McMenamin puts it in their interview with Finney, “There’s the extent to which being an actress is automatically about how others perceive you; transness asks instead, How do you see you?”

Industry and Bodies Bodies Bodies star Myha’la Herrold is used to existing on borderlines between “correct” and “incorrect.” Defined by a society that never knew quite what to do with her as she was growing up, she eventually realized that her talent could acutely affect the way people see her. Amrit Kaur of Sex Lives of College Girls saw art as a means of healing her own perceptions of herself and discovering community. All of Us Are Dead and Little Women star Park Ji-hu knows her characters sometimes make baffling choices, but she approaches these roles with empathy and sincerity all the same. There are so many ways to be a young woman.

These women of New Hollywood are more than one thing, more than a single identity marker, even two, or three. Prey and Avatar the Last Airbender actor Amber Midthunder feels the tension of bringing authentic representation to her Indigeneity, resistance to being made a caricature for the screen, and pressure to represent a multifaceted identity group; she’s asserting herself as a person who can encompass multitudes.

Hollywood is a spectacle, complete with pressures and expectations that reflect society's pressures and expectations related to appearance, gender and sexuality, aesthetics, behavior. Capitalism urges you to take what’s yours. But these young Hollywood actors know timing is everything, and fame is fleeting. Dominique Thorne first auditioned for Shuri in Black Panther, only to find herself cast as the heroine Ironheart years later. “I'm much more interested in challenging myself to figure out how I can continue to exercise patience, peace, and stillness,” she tells Kaitlyn McNab, "because that has always been the thing that keeps me feeling like me.” Ruth Codd, who starred in Netflix’s The Midnight Club, doesn’t think about fame at all. She's more interested in putting her whole self on the line to do her best work. She’s doing what she wants and seeing where that leads.

Above all, the women on 2023's New Hollywood list know that no one takes on the world alone. Abbott Elementary breakout performer Keyla Monterroso Mejia is now starring in Netflix’s Freeridge, and considers herself lucky to be surrounded by people who believed in her even when she didn’t know how to believe in herself. Longtime actor and musician Isabela Merced knows she’s not a person who exists in a vacuum, that the people in your life can help shift everything, even your notion of success. As she puts it, when all is said and done, "I want an empire of loving relationships.”

The nine up-and-coming celebrities in this group are intent on discovering their individual selves and using that knowledge to change the world and ready to embark on adventures that make all this living worthwhile. Introducing… the dazzling stars of Teen Vogue's New Hollywood Class of 2023.